Delphine Measroch is a Montreal-based music editor and music supervisor. A Master’s Degree in Music Composition from the University of Montreal in 2006 was complemented by diverse workshops including Music Rights (INIS, Montreal),  Film Music (Aubagne, France) and Postproduction and  New Technologies (Parlimage, Montreal). A post academic collaboration with the Cirque du Soleil Music Clearances team was also a valuable experience.


     She has now been working in the music/film/TV industry for more than a decade and has collaborated with a number of screen composers and directors.


     As a music editor, she routinely performs many roles and tasks,  often acting as the link between the production and the different music sources (performed, composed, etc.) ensuring all disparate elements of the music soundtrack work together.


A particular strength is in the creation of temp scores that successfully convey the director’s storytelling intentions, setting the right mood and pace. In TV series she is also adept at ‘scoring’ entire episodes with existing music (from previous seasons or other sources).

Comfortable as part of the team on the mixing stage, she is also familiar with the challenge of rapidly editing and reconforming large 5.1 multitrack sessions to new picture cuts and changes.

Music editor credits include : Versailles – season 1-3,  Apocalypse : The Battle of Verdun, Horns, Fallen, Fugueuse, Redakai, Totally Spies…


     As a music supervisor, she’s also sourced and licensed songs for film, tv series and advertisement, researching internationally as well as locally in the quest for musical gems.


              Read her interview for the CBC show This Life for which she selected and synchronized 

              more than 50 songs… 


Music supervisor credits include : This Life – season 1-2, Trop TV series, ad campaigns for Apple iPhone, Bell Canada, Samsung, …

For supervision and synchronisation of commercials, she forms part of the Circonflex Music Agency team :

     Delphine is a music lover above anything else and this passion drives her to dive into every project with enthusiasm  and a very broad knowledge of music.


     As a cinematic composer Delphine Measroch has had the opportunity to create original scores for veteran cinematographers Nicolas Roeg and Amos Kollek amongst others. One of her recent projects Song of Granite, by director Pat Collins, was selected to represent Ireland for the 2018 Oscars.

                                                               Hear some excerpts  


     Aside from the film music industry, she’s also been interested in more unconventional means of music diffusion. With duet Milliseconde Topographie, she has explored underwater installations, interative video-music performances and soundwalks… On the alternate and festival circuit her musical works have also been selected and represented in various events worldwide, including :

Women in New Music Festival (California, USA)

ZKM Center for Art and Media (Germany)

Jeux de Temps/Times Play (Montreal)

Visionaria International Film Festival (Italie) 1st Prize (MilliTopo)

Chicago Motion Graphics Festival Best Art Video (MilliTopo)

Brooklyn Underground Film Festival

DotMov (Japan)

Transmediale (Germany)